Talking Maps

Grade Level: 5-12

Talking Maps Series

Talking Maps Series

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Program: Approx. 15 Min.
Closed Captioned
Talking Maps offers a unique and clear overview, from beginning to the end of the most significant wars in U.S. and World History within the proper geographical location.
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World War I
Beginning with a comparison of today?s map of Europe with that of 1914, shows how the old empires chose sides against each other. We see the four major fighting fronts, and how more and more nations joined the fray, eventually pulling America into the first worldwide conflict. And, we see how the new world map at the war?s end did not solve the problems, but created the seeds of World War II.

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World War II
Shows how the ruined European infrastructure, economies, governments, and the treaties from World War I, made World War II inevitable. Japan, small in geography but giant in ambition, launches its conquest of Asia in the 1930?s, until the Pearl Harbor attack on the U.S. drags American and Asian continents in World War II, making it a true global conflagration.

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The Civil War
Fought 1861-1865, the American Civil War was the result of decades of tensions between the North and South. Focused on slavery and states rights, these issues arise following the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
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Talking Maps Series

Social Studies     U.S. History     World History     U.S. Geography        World Geography

Polls and studies repeatedly revealed students have difficulty recalling events in world history. This is due to their lack of an essential social studies skill: the ability to place important historical conflicts and personalities within correct geographical contexts. 

Talking Maps was created and designed to correct that problem. In just a few minutes, each program in this series offers a unique and clear overview, from the beginning to the end, of the most significant wars in U.S. and World History within the proper geographical location. Originally created, media friendly maps, enhanced with computer animation and graphics, are supported with strong narrations that engage the students. These programs add the often missing dimension to significant moments--how the conflicts erupted into full-scale wars and the ultimate, often tragic endings.


Key Benefits:

  • Combines conceptual literacy with visual literacy to give today's learners the accurate knowledge they will remember for Social Studies & Sciences mastery
  • Clarifies by helping today's computer-literate learners graps where and how historical events happened through clear, dynamic digital edia presentations
  • Contextually-based: Geographival skills integrated with presentations of the most significant Historical events
  • Motivates leareners to pursue in-depth knowledge of Historical events by giving them the Geographical foundation necessary for more abstract understanding
  • Standards-correlated: all topics align with curent U.S. and World History standards and textbooks: for instance see McDougal Littell's World History ©2009 (Middle School), World Geography and Cultures ©2007 (Middle School), and World History: Patterns of Interaction ©2009 (High School)