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Beyond Our Borders Series (40 Programs)

Beyond Our Borders Series (40 Programs)

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American students retain geography and history information better when they experience living images of world cultures. These 40 programs about some of the world?s major countries help students understand other peoples? environments, values, and significant historical contributions.
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Item# 23409, $49.00
Argentina's name derives from the Spanish word for silver, which brought the early Europeans to this land. The stark, spectacular beauty of the Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego wildernesses is contrasted with the cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires.

Item# 23396, $49.00
Australia is a country and the world's smallest continent, with impressive cities around its fertile coastal areas, largely unpopulated except for aborigines and a few ranching and mining communities. Explore Australia's diverse heritage in this program.

Item# 24594, $49.00
Austria has been the city for many great music composers. With its rich historical background and beautiful scenery, the country is famous for its unique culture.

Item# 23394, $49.00
Brazil comprises 50% of the landmass and population of the South American continent. It's five distinct regions are covered. Brazil is a country with great potential, but facing serious challenges.

Item# 23501, $49.00
Please review before showing in the classroom. Martin Sheen narrates this compelling look at Cambodia, a land of great beauty, but whose history is one of unimaginable pain and suffering. Explore Cambodia's spiritual and cultural heart with a visit to the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat.

Item# 23393, $49.00
Canada has a relatively small population, but it is the world's second largest country in geographical size. Viewers will experience the diverse economic, scenic, and cultural features of the provinces and territories.

Item# 23495, $49.00
China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet is also has many ancient traditions. Beginning in Bejing, and proceeding through China's rural villages, we see the many ancient and modern traditions that influence Chinese culture.

Item# 23395, $49.00
Cuba's tumultuous history and rich culture are vividly presented in this concise overview. Key events and personalities that shaped modern-day Cuba, including the Spanish American War, Jose Marti, and Fidel Castro, are covered.

Item# 23404, $49.00
One of the world's most enduring civilizations, Egypt now plays an important role in the Middle East. In Cairo, the capital, sleek office buildings tower over ancient alleys, bustling bazaars, and many mosques.

Item# 23390, $49.00
London, a world-class city where tradition and modern life co-exist side-by-side, sets the stage for this overview of the vital island nation of England. The southwest coastal fishing villages of Cornwall and Devon are contrasted with many regions to the north.

Item# 23391, $49.00
The cultural richness and the geographic variety of France are revealed, along with many historical influences. The intensity of Paris is contrasted with diverse rural economies and traditions, and France?s many contributions to the world are shown.

Item# 23388, $49.00
Detailed maps make clear how early Roman towns grew into parts of the medieval Holy Roman Empire, and then into various states that eventually formed the German nation. From the southern Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea ports, and from former communist to western regions, geographical, cultural, and economic characteristics of a reunified Germany emerge.

Item# 23410, $49.00
Hungary is a land of Baroque palaces and cobblestone streets echoing with gypsy rhapsodies. Budapest, on the Danube River, reveals the historic richness, mixed with modern free enterprise, emerging after the Communist era.

Item# 23494, $49.00
India is one of the most diverse nations on earth, the result of many historical invasions that brought new peoples and cultures. How these influences have impacted modern India, and how it reacts to influences from other modern cultures is discussed.

Item# 23399, $49.00
From the metropolis of Jakarta to the reefs around Sumbawa Island, Indonesia offers a great variety of cultures and ways of life. This huge nation is spread along thousands of islands, and its history has generated many traditions, and varied religious and national influences.

Item# 23493, $49.00
Iran (formerly Persia) is a land of contrasts? ancient and modern. Informative maps pinpoint Iran's major cities. Archival footage, artworks, and artifacts chronicle Iran's tumultuous past, while contemporary footage reveals how ancient traditions and modern ways coexist.

Item# 23408, $49.00
Israel's historical significance can be felt at the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and Al-Aqsa Mosque, holy places of three religions. In Israel, ancient and new exist side by side in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and in the ruins of several civilizations.

Item# 23389, $49.00
From its Roman roots to ultra-modernistic styles in Milan, this program explores Italy?s people, history, and geography. The contributions of Rome, Florence, and Milan have left profound marks upon the world.

Item# 23397, $49.00
Japan enjoys a prominent place on the world stage as an economic power. It is both traditional and modern, making it one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Item# 23412, $49.00
Jordan is a monarchy and one of the key countries of the Middle East. Its history includes many influential events that continue to influence its peoples' lives. Part of it is the land of the Old Testament, but the capital, Amman, reveals western influences along with Arabic and Islamic faces and cultures.

Item# 23415, $49.00
Low (Benelux) Countries
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg were known as the Low Countries, because they were small, flat, and surrounded by seas. They have contributed much to the historical, political, cultural, and economic history of Europe and the world.

Item# 23392, $49.00
From the arid deserts of northern Mexico to the Lacandon rainforests of southern Mexico, this program introduces the richness of Mexico's geography and history. Spanish language and culture dominate Mexico City and elsewhere, but 22 existing indigenous populations preserve traditional languages and cultures.

Item# 23406, $49.00
Morocco bridges European, North African, and Arabic cultures. Some of these historic traditions can still be seen in old marketplaces, striking mosques, welcoming oases, urban water vendors, and desert camel herders.

Item# 23500, $49.00
Martin Sheen narrates this illuminating program that explores Myanmar's tumultuous history. He profiles key figures, including the late, feared ruler General Ne Win, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, and presents rare footage of this profoundly Buddhist country's cultural treasures.

Item# 23398, $49.00
New Zealand
One of the most beautiful countries in the world, this two-island nation varies from Alpine landscapes in the South to breathtaking coasts in the North. The British heritage of the settlers is very much in evidence, as is the native Maori culture, intermingling in seeming harmony.

Item# 23413, $49.00
Its Inca heritage makes Peru one of the most important Latin American countries. Millions of westerners continue to visit the runs of Machu Picchu. But Peru's Spanish heritage can be seen in cities like Cuzco and Lima.

Item# 23414, $49.00
Its history as a Spanish colony and shifting relationships with and influences from America give the Philippines unique characteristics in Southeast Asia. Its Spanish past can be seen in many places, but its 7,000 islands retain many indigenous cultures in a terrain of great variety.

Item# 23407, $49.00
Poland has been invaded and occupied by many other countries, yet it has maintained its own proud historical heritage. Warsaw, the capital, is being restored, and other cities, such as Krakow and Gdansk, show off this country's rich culture.

Item# 23402, $49.00
After countless rulers, seven decades of Communism, and domination of Eastern Europe as the power behind the former USSR, Russia fascinates as do few other countries. Viewers will witness Moscow's importance, as well as major cities such as Volgograd and St. Petersburg.

Item# 23403, $49.00
The "north countries" of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have varied and beautiful landscapes, high standards of living, and the remains of significant histories. The character of these countries in their major metropolises, rural economies, cultural heritages, and natural wonders is captured.

Item# 23401, $49.00
South Africa
South Africa has a beautiful landscape and a conflicted past. It is Africa's strongest economic engine. Experience the multicultural reality of today's cities, along with the country's primary economic activities and striking environments.

Item# 23387, $49.00
Visit Spain's most important regions and cities. In the southern region of Andalusia, the rich contributions of the Jewish and Moorish (Muslim) peoples to Spain are seen. Barcelona, Spain's second largest city is also visited.

Item# 23405, $49.00
One of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland is also a small one. Important for its banking and other business and technical endeavors, its cities, such as Zürich, Bern, Lausanne, and Geneva, reveal both history and modernism.

Item# 24593, $49.00
Taiwan with its contrast in culture, where modern and ancient harmoniously exist.

Item# 23416, $49.00
The former Siam has a rich history and imperial culture. Bangkok is sometimes known as the "Venice of the East," due to its labyrinth of canals. Also visited are the hill tribes in the north of Thailand, where silk weaving, orchid farming, and traditional arts and crafts thrive.

Item# 23502, $49.00
Look beyond the images of a mythical Shangri-la to reveal the often harsh reality of Tibet. Witness how the 1959 Chinese invasion, as well as modernization and the arrival of Chinese residents, threatened the Tibetan way of life. Buddhism has shaped the gentle, but tough, character of the people of Tibet.

Item# 24592, $49.00
Highlighting Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, with its rich multicultural background and history.

Item# 23411, $49.00
The ancient and the modern intermingle in this country of rich agriculture, Orthodox religious traditions, communist-era monuments, and resilient people. Its greatest city, Kiev, has its own historical treasures and renown.

Item# 23503, $49.00
Collective images of Vietnam have come from war movies, but there is much more to Vietnam's story. Martin Sheen narrates this incisive and fresh look at the emergence of a new and independent Vietnam.

Item# 23400, $49.00
Zimbabwe's rich history and culture come to life in Great Zimbabwe's architectural remains. The thriving capital city of Harare reflects the culture and economy of the British colonial settlers, along with the contemporary African population.
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Beyond Our Borders Series (40 Programs)

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America's Leading Cultural Geography DVD Series

American students retain geography and history information better when they experience living images of world cultures. These 40 programs about some of the world’s major countries help students understand other peoples’ environments, values, and significant historical contributions. They also feature information-rich maps that clarify geographical data such as a country’s global location, major regions, and important cities. The scripts and narrators reflect indigenous cultures, but each program uses language appropriate for North American classrooms.

   Key Benefits
  • Curriculum standards-correlated for all geography courses that survey the world ‘s countries and regions
  • Current, on-location footage conveys a rich mix of geography and culture
  • Maps and other geographical data convey clear information for student retention
  • Experiential cultural settings help both Social Studies and Foreign Language students retain information about countries around the world
  • Onscreen captions define vocabulary words and social studies concepts