Grade Level: 6-12

Fat Chance: Teen Obesity

Fat Chance: Teen Obesity

DVD Item#: 23704
Program: 20 Minutes

In this compelling program, overweight and formerly obese teens share the agony of being subjected to verbal and physical bullying. They discuss the devastating impact being an overweight kid in America has on their self-esteem.
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Fat Chance: Teen Obesity

Guidance   Health/Safety   At Risk

The Physical Risks and Emotional Agony of Childhood Obesity. Childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years. Thirty percent of American kids are overweight. Obesity-related diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure, are skyrocketing. Yet, experts say that the often overwhelming emotional pain of obesity is perhaps even more dangerous. In this compelling program, overweight and formerly obese teens share the agony of being subjected to verbal and physical bullying. They discuss the devastating impact being an overweight kid in America has on their self-esteem. This sensitive program contains inspiring true stories of teens who changed their lifestyles and got their health back on track by exercising and eating healthier foods. Their shared experience affirms that even in the most serious cases of childhood obesity, there is hope.

   Key Benefits:
  • Correlated to Health, At-Risk & Safety Standards in those states with Health & Safety Standards, and to Life Science (Human Body) standards in many other states (most states mandate substance abuse and other at-risk education at various places in their K-12 curricula)
  • Instructional designs that combine “scare/shock” with “reasonable/factual” approaches to changing student behavior, which have oscillated this “Guidance” strand of education back and forth in the last 30 years
  • Students’ points of view used to give these behavioral programs maximum credibility with their target school-age audiences
  • Award-winning (Emmy & many others), television-level production values also give these programs credibility with the media-saturated target audience of pre-teen and teenage viewers  
  • Only recently produced at-risk programs with a new approach that will equally satisfy student behavior modification needs of counselors, teachers, administrators and students alike
  • Unlike many at-risk programs produced over the last decades, these programs focus more on causes of behavior and less on the “de jour” symptoms, such as specific substances abused, STDs, etc.
  • Combination of the above factors ensure that these programs will change students’ behaviors quickly, which is the primary motive for educators to purchase them
  • Recently updated for classroom use